Saint vs. Sinner - What is the difference?
The FRIDA ROME ethos is that not all vegans are entirely saintly. We include a tasteful erotic story chapter as our signature detail on a woven label inside our bags. It’s entirely up to you on if you prefer your bag to come with or without this detail.

The erotic stories are a collectable item – as each bag design has its own unique story chapter included that is themed on the name of the bag. The WEEK/END bag comes with a small chapter that is all about a sexy weekend in NYC. The
WEEK/DAY story is about a passionate, office liaison.

For customers who opt for the Sinner bags also get access to our midnight page on the website, where they can read the erotic stories in full length.

The Saint version, which doesn’t include the story chapter inside the bag, is simply gorgeous. We recommend the Saint option for buying gifts for mum or daughter -and for those who just don’t want the story element inside but love the bag regardless. There is no price difference between a Saint or Sinner version of the bags.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. Shipping rates for all countries are calculated at checkout.
Please note there are some countries that we cannot ship to. Please check our shipping policy for more details.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes when you ship to USA or Australia?
No. We’re pleased to tell you that so long as your order value is under $800 you do not have to pay duties or taxes for deliveries to the USA. And if your order value is under $1000AUD, you do not need to pay duties or taxes for deliveries to Australia.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes when you ship to Europe?
No. We are pleased to let customers know that we now ship to the EU duty paid (DDP). If there are any issues with regards to request for tax & duty payments with your postal service upon delivery into the EU, please get in touch with us: info@fridarome.com and we will do what we can to help.


Do I need extenders for my WEEK/END bag?
The extra extenders are great if you have a taller frame or if you’re intending to wear the WEEKEND bag over a large coat come winter. One of our founders is 5,4” and wears the bag without any extenders comfortably, but when wearing a coat, she does opt for one extra extender. The original strap that comes as standard with your WEEK/END bag is 100cm long.
Extenders come in a pair and each one gives an additional 15cm (30cm in total with one pair) to the strap length.

In the majority of our images our blonde model (5'8") is wearing the bag without extenders.


Can I get tan extenders if I buy a tan WEEK/END?
Yes, absolutely. We offer both tan and black extenders depending on which colourway you have.

Can I purchase more than one set of extenders for the WEEKEND?
Yes, absolutely. Buy as many as you need. Each extender offers an additional 15cm to your strap length (original strap without added extenders is 100cm long).

How long is the strap on the WEEK/END?
The full length of the strap is 100cm, including the two adjustable extender sections, that are built into the original strap. If you prefer a longer length strap (for example when worn as a crossbody or over a large coat), you can add additional extenders (they come in pairs of two). Each additional extender is 15cm in length, so they will give you up to another 30cm to
your strap length, when both additional extenders are attached.
As a reference for height, the blonde model in our images is approx. 5’8”.

How long are the Straps on the WEEKDAY?
The WEEK/DAY backpack / tote has been designed to sit low on the body when worn as a backpack, and to allow for you to wear it over the shoulder with just one strap. Therefore, the straps are quite generous in length. 

However, they are adjustable so you can make them shorter or longer depending on your height and preference for where the bag feels most comfortable for you.

The shortest length the straps can be is 80cm each
The longest the straps can be made is 110cm each

What does the interior look like on the WEEK/END? Why can’t I see many images of it on your site? 
The interior of the bag is a light beige vegan suede and is generous in space. There are no compartments because the bag deconstructs, and this does allow you the freedom to fill the bag your way. There is a small patch pocket, large enough for securing cards and cash notes, which sits on the back panel of the bag.

We try to keep the interior a surprise as it conceals the erotic story chapter that is sewn onto the inside pocket.


What does the interior look like on the WEEK/DAY? Why can’t I see many images of it on your site? 
The interior of the bag is a light beige vegan suede and is very generous in space. There are no compartments as this does allow you the freedom to fill the bag your way, including space for your laptop (compatible with laptop size of upto 15").

There is a large patch pocket for securing a phone, pens, cards and cash notes. The pocket sits on the back panel of the bag.

We try to keep the interior a surprise as it conceals the erotic story chapter that is sewn onto the inside pocket.


Can I fit my 15” laptop inside the WEEK/DAY?
Yes. The WEEK/DAY was designed to be able to hold laptops upto 15” in size. There is also room for your diary, a small make up bag, purse, water bottle, umbrella, keys, phone and other small objects you may need to carry.

The space is versatile to pack it however wish to.

Is there an inside pocket in the WEEK/END?
Yes. A small patch pocket to hold credit cards and cash notes sits on the back panel of the bag.

Is there an inside pocket in the WEEKDAY?
Yes. A large patch pocket to hold a phone, pens, credit cards and cash notes sits on the back panel of the bag.

Do you offer gift certificates? What are your T&C’s for gift certificates? 
Yes, we offer gift certificates to the value of £50, £75, £100, and £200. We also offer specific gift certificates for our individual bags – The WEEK/END or the WEEK/DAY.

Gift certificates are valid for six months. They come with a unique code valid for a single transaction only. Gift certificates can be used in conjunction with promotions we may be running when the gift certificate is redeemed. Only one promotion valid per transaction. The value of the gift certificate is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. Gift certificates are not redeemable to purchase other gift certificates. Promotional discounts cannot be used when purchasing a gift certificate. Gift certificates may not be sold or transferred. No credit or change will be given on the unused portion of the gift certificate. No replacement for lost or stolen gift certificates. See our terms of service for more details on gift certificate T&C’s, or contact info@fridarome.com for further information.

When a product is on pre-order, what does that mean and when will I get my bag?
As part of our company ethics, we produce our bags in small batch quantities. This enables us to reduce waste and limit the use of valuable resources. It also means that our bags often sell out quickly when we have a new batch of stock. When we have stock available, we ship within 2-5 working days.

When we are waiting for our next batch of stock, we continue to sell on a pre-order basis. Pre-order means that you pay for your bag, your order is confirmed, and a bag is secured for you in our next batch. When we offer pre-orders, the batches generally only take around 4-6 weeks in production. If we’re between batches, this means you may be waiting for your order for up to 8 weeks.

Please explain how the WEEK/END bag deconstructs... Does this affect the security of my bag?
The WEEK/END bag was designed for women like us who love to travel. We know there is nothing worse when you’re going on holiday and must either leave your favourite bag at home or risk crushing it in your suitcase. The WEEK/END cleverly deconstructs for that reason.

The bag is fitted with over 30 bespoke, strong hold, press studs which undo to separate your bag into four individual panels that pack flat. You can store the bag deconstructed in the FRIDA
ROME dust bag, which is specifically designed to keep each panel safe (available to buy separately on our store).

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the bag’s security with its ability to deconstruct. When fully constructed, the WEEK/END is rigid and boxy and the placement of the press studs has been designed so that the corners and sides of the bag overlap to avoid anything slipping out.

Tell me more about the Faux Shearling Panel... How does it work?
Not only does your WEEK/END crossbody bag deconstruct, but we are designing new panels that you can purchase separately to switch up your style sustainably. Why buy a whole new bag when you can simply replace the front panel with our
Faux Shearling panel for a 70s inspired look.

The faux shearling panel fits on both our Black and Tan WEEK/END bags. We will be releasing more panels at a later date.

Do you do different colour hardware on your bags?
No. We specifically designed our bags with light gold hardware which gives them the most luxury look. The specific light shade of gold was specially selected, which when styled with silver jewellery, still looks great.


If your question has not been answered, please contact info@fridarome.com