Our Fabrics

We use the best quality vegan materials that are cruelty-free with sustainable credibility; fabrics made consciously that don't compromise on the luxury look and feel that FRIDA ROME is known for.

Cactus Leather

Our black handbags are made with certified organic cactus leather. Made from only mature Nopal cactus (prickly pear) leaves grown in their native environment using little water and no pesticides.

Rich in colour and extremely supple, the fabric has the authentic aesthetic and feel of 'real' leather.


Apple Leather

We use certified organic apple leather to make our tan handbag. Made from food industry waste, the plant-based composite saves on CO2 emissions and creates a partially biodegradable fabric.

The type of apple leather we chose is high-quality faux leather with a soft finish closely resembling a 'real' leather hide.


Mircofibre Suede

We pair our plant-based leathers with an eco-friendly microfibre suede, made with low solvents and water-based dyes.

The suede which is soft to the touch, makes for a beautiful interior and compliments the black cactus and tan apple leather perfectly.