Let us take you on a journey of what defines a BAD GIRL who does GOOD THINGS and discover if you are Saint or a Sinner.

The Sinner

One to always make an entrance; a Sinner is the stranger you never forget. Welcome to the wild side.

Our Sinner handbags contain:

- Our signature detail; an excerpt from an original erotic story, sewn inside the bag (tasteful and tailored towards a female perspective).

- Sinners are given an exclusive code to unlock MIDNIGHT, our erotic story library.

The Saint

The Saint’s heart yearns for a cruelty-free world.

Our Saint handbag does not contain the erotic detail of the Sinner. Making the Saint option perfect for those who are invested solely in the beauty of our bags and their eco-conscious credentials.

Looking to gift? A Saint can do no wrong.

Saint or Sinner?

You already knew ;)