Monday morning. It was raining, hard. As usual, she was the only one in the office this early. The soft ambience of Edison globes in the open space made for an inviting escape from the darkness of outside. A purple sky loomed over the city, its threatening clouds licking the rooftops of skyrises; a storm was coming. 

She was already at her desk when he came through the frosted glass doors. Hello, Stranger. She hadn’t anticipated his arrival. 

He wouldn’t normally show his face until the office was a hive of activity, blending in so well that bumping into him at the coffee machine would catch her off guard. She’d once joked that he was rude not to offer to make her a coffee. This triggered him to want to demonstrate to her that he was, in fact, a true gentleman. And so, from then on, he always offered to make her coffee, but she never accepted. And every time, he shrugged off her dismissal; never deterred from asking her again and again. Sometimes she even wanted a coffee, but to admit that would mean conceding a point in the unspoken game they were playing. 

He made a move. She considered but declined. Better luck next time.

She sensed he somewhat enjoyed the rejection. 

The strategic position of her desk gave her a discreet advantage to not only avoid clients if she needed to, but also to observe his entrance. And on this gloomy Monday, it dawned on her that they were completely alone for once, prompting a pang of excitement for what had seemed set to be another ordinary day in the office.  

To make it even better, today, he was soaked. And yet, he walked calmly into the building, unfazed by the cold and wet, as if he’d just strolled through the pouring rain, accepting the wrath of Mother Nature on his commute. His eyes were down when he entered, assessing the condition of his clothing. She wondered what he would dare to remove once he got to his desk. 

They sat just a few rows apart, their desks mirroring one another, meaning their eyes had the potential to meet so easily. And though he knew she was there; he wouldn’t acknowledge her yet. Instead, he allowed her the opportunity to enjoy him in his predicament, and potentially admire his form, seemingly without his knowledge. 

And that she did. As his soaked-through white shirt clung to his arms, chest and back, she could see the outline of every muscle that clearly, he’d been disciplined in crafting. His tall, strong physique was one of the few office perks. 

His dark hair dripped a little over his keyboard as he reached for a gym towel. He rubbed the back of his neck and used this motion as a chance to peer around just to check… yes, she was looking. He caught her eye as he placed the towel down and they exchanged a smile, followed by a small titter on her part. She shook her head, jokingly suggesting this was pathetic; how typical of a man not to bring an umbrella on a day like this. Then, just as quickly, she dropped eye contact and carried on scrolling through emails.

He coyly smiled again as he looked around the room, ensuring that it was just the two of them present. It was no accident on his part that he’d made it in so early, and no amount of wet weather would have stopped him. He looked back at her once again, then looked down as, one by one, he undid the buttons of his shirt. 

She looked up, sensing his stillness, breath catching as she saw that he was in the process of undressing. Like a gift slowly being unwrapped, his opening shirt began revealing his tanned skin, little by little with each unbutton. Her gaze followed from the dip in his collarbone to his smooth, extended chest, down to his toned abs. 

Yeah, he could definitely hold me up, she thought to herself. 

“Coffee?” he asked suddenly, as he looked back up and met her gaze. 

A surge of adrenalin hit her as their eyes met again; she’d been caught staring. As always, she shook her head no.

“OK,” he said coolly, shrugging it off with a ‘suit yourself’ gesture. He stopped unbuttoning his shirt and turned towards the kitchen.

“I’ll have you,” she blurted out, nonchalantly, not a thought given to the words before they spilled out from her mouth.

He stood still for a moment, back turned, slightly shocked but mildly impressed with her reply. Then he chuckled and continued towards the kitchen. Surely she wasn’t serious?

“I’m not joking!” she called out to him. Her heart pounded in her chest; would he act on it? 

Impulsively, she stood up and moved to the front of her desk, waiting for his next move. He turned around and slowly walked back to her, head down as he considered the seriousness of her request. His eyes traced a path from her heels to her hair, then back to her eyes; this time, with intent. He’d thought a lot about this moment, anticipated just how she would want him to touch her.

“Sit down,” he said. 

She did as instructed, perching herself on the tabletop, feeling herself weaken as he strode, oh-so confidently, towards her. His eyes made love to her right there on the desk.

He came close, his palms writing words of lust into her thighs. Breathless, speechless, she waited. 

“Don’t move,” he whispered. 

He leaned back, growing hard as he observed her, silently seeking her approval. Her inner voice said no, but her eyes locked on his with a telling look; keep going

Her skirt rose as his hand edged into her underwear. 

She welcomed him in. 

He touched her soul with his fingertips. 

Not such an ordinary day in the office, after all, she thought. 

Moving her euphorically to his rhythm, he placed his other hand on the side of her face, witnessing a change in her expression and a tensing before that beautiful moment. He held her tightly and kept watching closely as she cried out, begging to be baptised. 

As her breath hitched, he kissed her, and she trembled in his grasp as he worked that same magic to her lips. Not letting go, he felt her release. Flooding waves took over as she reached a high far beyond the 3D.

His eyes never left hers for a second. A wicked grin claimed his features as he realized the consequence of what he was doing to her right here, right now. 

Their motion scattered paperwork. 

A water glass teetered on the edge of spilling everywhere. 

The desk’s stability would surely now be compromised. 

Only the arrival of another staff member entering the office would stop them now.